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Multilanguage ERP, new english version

by Web Master, 20/07/2021

Giobby is multilingual to help companies in manage and develop their global business. Giobby is ready for different VAT Countries regulations and manages the multilingual settings both in data descriptions and drafting documents.


The integrated cloud ERP can be used in different languages interface within the same account by different users. Each user can choose the interface language. In this way it’s easy for employees and sales force to use all features available online.



Furthermore, the user can enter in one or more alternative languages ​​based on your business needs, the descriptions of the articles, payment conditions, product categories and many more.


It is possible to use these descriptions in drafting documents intended for abroad.




So, it becomes easy to draft and print documents in foreign languages.



The use of different currencies is also facilitated: you can easily define the currencies exchange ratios. Each document can be drafted in a different currency and any manual changes are possible both in document body and payment step (with automatic registration related to profit or loss on daily currency exchange). It is also possible to manage the account in foreign currency.



.With Giobby you can also configure the VAT according to local regulations: it is possible to set VAT classes in order to manage the foreign situation.


For examples, Giobby can be used in English configuration with the Italian interface, or you can set the currency Swiss Franc with data description in English, and so on. So Giobby becomes a very useful and flexible tool also for companies characterized by abroad offices and departments (production, trade, logistics, etc).

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