Open up your Business Store

Your Company Portal contains eCommerce features and a Confidential Area for your B2B Customers

  • Company Portal is an integrated mini website with confidential area useful for B2B customers (price list, orders, download quotes and invoices).
  • eCommerce is entirely integrated with ERP (data, prices, availability, documents, etc.). eCommerce activation is optional.
  • Sales management with cart and personalized shipments. Multilingual and multi currency. International.
  • A specific area to share News, Blog and Social.



Your Company Portal will be visible online through a web address reserved to you ( and it will be optimized for indexing in web search engines.

Integration with the ERP

You can manage both physical and virtual store on a single cloud platform. Stocks, prices, orders and invoices are updated in real time on your system.


No extra costs are requested to use your own Company Portal and other eCommerce features. You will pay a fee on the transaction only when you sell something to customers you find in our Community. You don’t pay the fee if you invite in Giobby a customer of yours.

Company Portal

A real mini website for your Company

  • Home page with logo, company name, header image and menu to access to Company Portal sections.
  • You can tell your business story in order to enhance your Company, to give the right visibility and also improve the ranking on searching engines.
  • You can list professional skills and offered Services.
  • You can insert Company info and geo-localized business places on Google Map.



Company Portals in Giobby

ECommerce & Catalogues

You can get high performance thanks to a complete integration with the ERP.
Your eCommerce is automatically updated in real time with prices, stocks and other ERP data.
Showroom and Catalog

Catalog (products and services) is organized in categories. You can manage promos, offers and discounts. Shippings, taxes and payment methods (bank transfer, PayPal, etc.) are customizable.
Features are multilingual and multi currency.

Product and Service Fiche

Product and service fiche are integrated in the ERP in order to display prices and availability updated in real time. B2B customers will see directly prices and discounts reserved for them.

Product Description

You can manage all data related to products and services directly from the ERP fiche using the eCommerce tab: images, descriptions, product specifications, commercial information. Moreover, you can immediately see the preview.

Ad in your own Showroom

In the product fiche section you can create the Ad that will be the box to display in your online Showroom. Thanks to the Ad you can manage views and pricing, availability (automatic, manual, etc.), shipping costs and also different points of sale.

The Giobby Marketplace numbers:


Operating Company Portals


Products and Services Ads


Community posts
about various topics

B2B Confidential Area

You can allow access to documents download (invoices for example) in order to better cooperate with your Customers
B2B Connections
with Customers and Suppliers

You can useful manage B2B connections with Customers and Suppliers in order to speed up the exchange of pieces of information such as personal data, products, price lists and documents such as quotes, orders and invoices.

Custom Price List
and Online Orders

B2B customers can view catalog, price list and discounts reserved to them. They can forward orders online that are integrated into the ERP in real time.

Download invoices
and other documents

You can share your document with customers and suppliers. They can download orders, invoices, bank statements and other documents that you want to share (technical drawings, leaflets, etc.)

News and Blog

Corporate Blog is the place to share news about your products and services.

A place dedicated to you to discuss topics related to your business, provide information on new products and request new partnerships.

You can start a dialogue with your customers and the Community and let them know the value of your Company and the professionalism of your services.

Get in touch with the global market and expand your business.

Strengthen your Company image in the market, increase performance with your Customers and let yourself be found by new leads.

Open up your Company Portal with eCommerce, now!

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