Cloud ERP

All features you need to manage your Company, to
collaborate and increase your business. Wherever your business is.

  • All cloud advantages and many more: it is also multilingual, multi-user and multi unit
  • ERP functionalities for sales, purchase, stock and accounting management
  • Giobby suite itegrates a CRM to manage your contacts, leads and opportunities
  • Projects management, Calendar, Messages and eMail to increase your Company performance
  • Giobby is also a B2B Platform and you can deal with customers and and suppliers via Company Portal
  • Mobile APP is available for iOS and Android

Optimize your business

Keep updated wherever you are. Increase your revenues and
get your costs system efficient. Enhance your business.


Contacts, Leads, Customers and Suppliers.
Opportunities, Meetings and Activities.


Let your business grow by an integrated flow about sales documents.


You can manage purchases flow and easily control costs in order to reduce inefficiencies.


You can manage warehouses, internal locations and traceability by batches and serial code. You can also check stock inventory and valorisation in real time.


You can control revenues, costs, deadlines, profits and cashflow.

Unit and Point of Sale

You can supervise and manage all your stores, units and activities all over the world

Perfect Collaboration

You can work in real time with other team members in order
to streamline the workflow in your Company.


You can plan, assign tasks, share and collaborate by the project board. Moreover you can analyzes project reports and manage project costs and revenues.


You can manage multiple calendars and share calendars with your team. You can check your scheduled activities and meetings in real time.


It is just one place for all your activities and you are updated on what’s going on even by your smartphone (iOS and Android).


You can manage all your eMail accounts.
It is integrated with CRM and you can also submit orders and invoices directly through the ERP.


You can improve the communication with your Team and with B2B customers and suppliers. You can also receive message notifications on your smartphone by the App.

B2B Workplace

You can manage the B2B workflow with your clients in cloud: catalogs, price lists, orders and invoices.

Already chosen by 25,000+ companies in Italy and abroad

Giobby’s been already chosen by professionals, small and medium-sized enterprises and also by multinational companies in order to be
more efficient and competitive and to improve their communication system.

+1200 professionals use Giobby in mobility

+6000 small companies use Giobby in order to streamline workflows

+4000 companies in distribution chain have made their orders and shipping procedure easier

+400 medium size companies use to manage human resources and sales force in different units, in different places, in different languages

+2500 companies use thier own eCommerce Company Portal integrated in the ERP

+310 Point of Sales use a cloud cash register powered by Giobby

+20 companies are in manufacturing industry

+120 companies are logistical platform and they manage their stock by barcode and traceability procedure

+10 companies integrate Giobby with other ICT system by API.

You can better manage your business opportunities

You can live an interactive marketing experience: thanks to the the App you can actively involve your entire sales force and keep updated on what’s going on out there.

CRM – Contacts, Costumers and Suppliers

  • Unified management of Contacts, Customers / Suppliers and link between Company contact and Person contact with role assignment
  • Leads and management of various states on contact
  • Management of opportunities related to products, services and categories.
  • CRM notice board: phone call, calendar event, activity, notes / comments and attachments such as files, photos and documents of the management (orders, invoices…)
  • Integration of appointments and phone calls with Calendar and Mobile App
  • Sales team management and selective visibility for agents
  • Geo-localization of contacts on Google Map
  • B2B with the possibility of inviting a customer to access his reserved area on the Portal, for online orders and download documents


Integrated registry management

A perfect and synchronized management of your products and services, to have efficiency in your business processes and updated prices and availability in real time on eCommerce.

Products and Services

  • Registry of Products and Services
  • Customizable categories
  • Management of Sales Prices, Purchase and Sales and Reload Percentages
  • Automatic update of the sale price starting from the purchase price based on the % Reload (even when entering the purchase invoice)
  • Management Features: sizes, colors, etc.
  • BOM of several levels, with quantity and cost management
  • Product images for eCommerce, online catalog and prints, with photo acquisition also from mobile
  • Descriptions in multi language
  • Barcode and labels print
  • Warehouse Management and Default Locations, ABC Class, Reorder Point and Reorder Quantity (items below safety stock)
  • Data Shipments management (measures and costs used by eCommerce)


Let your business grow up

Analyze revenues immediately, visually intuitive with indicators and graphs.


  • Management of price lists: company price lists or custom price lists for each customer
  • Estimates for Lead and Customer
  • Orders management. Quick and real-time order taking from Tablet and / or App. Online order from the Customer by accessing the Reserved Area on the Portal
  • Deliveries
  • Invoices, Agents Invoices, Note of Fee and Credit / Debit Notes
  • Agents and Fees Management
  • PA electronic invoice and export of the electronic invoice xml file
  • Receipts and Tax Receipts. Cash Register interfaced with compatible fiscal printers
  • Sales attempt and customer visits report
  • Emailing estimates, orders, invoices and other documents
  • Possibility to attach estimates, orders and invoices to CRM, to projects or orders


Check purchases and expences

Check purchases for products and services. Reduce inefficiences and business costs.


  • Business Price List, Custom Price List for Supplier
  • Orders and Goods Receipts
  • Invoices, Agents Invoices, Professional Plots and Credit / Debit Notes
  • Registration of expenses and costs
  • Receipt Registration
  • Protocol of documents
  • Automatic updating of stock and registry prices from entry documents (goods receipt and invoice)
  • Integration of purchase orders placed on B2B / eCommerce suppliers


Inventory under control

Check stoks and valuations. Get maximum profitability.


  • Management of multiple warehouses and leases
  • Material handling through Barcode and QR-code
  • Management of various types of material movement and related adjustments
  • Automatic movements from DDT and Invoices documents
  • Maximum traceability of products with the management of Lots and Serials (production and purchase)
  • Declaration of Production with finished product load and material consumption according to the BOM
  • Graphical and tabular reports for checking the items below safety stock and availability
  • Shared availability between management and eCommerce that allows you to have always updated stock


Keep your eyes out for your accounts

Always keep track of your profits, costs and deadlines. Reduce unpaid and waste.


  • Plan of Accounts
  • Automatic accounting entries and manual double-entry type, with T-account and balances
  • Account statement and customer / supplier schedule
  • Collections and payments of sales and purchase documents
  • First note
  • VAT records and settlement
  • File for bank transfer and bank receipt
  • Multi-bank management and cash and reconciliation from bank statement
  • Income Statement and Balance Sheet, with a customizable structure and forecast management
  • Balance Report


unità Aziendale
Supervise your point of sale

Manage all the stores and various locations around the world. Cash register that can be connetted to compatible fiscal printers (Epson, Custom, Olivetti and others…)

Offices and point of sales

  • Management of several Business Units, Locations and Points of Sale
  • Creation of several Cash Registers for each sales point
  • Connection with compatible Fiscal Printers
  • Cash point functionality for bill / receipt printing
  • Designed for touch-screens and works on tablets and PCs
  • Barcode and buttons for quick recall of products and services
  • Possibility of inserting Customer from Registry or Fiscal Code
  • Cash Dispatch, Fees Register, bills and receipts
  • Cash or Credit Cards
  • Cash transfer to and from the cash desk
  • Real-time report of the turnover of all the stores and control of the stock of the warehouses in the various locations


You can project respecting time and with profit

Plan, control and evaluate one or more projects, check time compliance and e analize costs and revenues.


  • Project management with tree structure
  • User management and authorizations both on the project and on each sub-activity
  • Activity management and calendar events (also recurring)
  • Integration with the Calendar, where you can graphically see the events scheduled globally or for a single project
  • Notice board for all activities in which to post messages, activities, meetings, appointments, attached documents, reports and progress
  • Work reports, with schedules and costs and customizable activity type, which automatically update project costs
  • Attach documents from management such as quotation orders and invoices that automatically update project revenues and costs
  • Adding revenues and costs manually or as a percentage from accounting accounts
  • Revenue and Costs Report (invoices, reports and others from accounting accounts) with profitability analysis of the project


Plan your commitments

All the calendars you want, both corporate and private. Check your schedule, meeting and share calendars with your team.


  • Personal Calendar where you can plan your activities and which includes all the meetings where you are invited and the events of the CRM
  • Create new ad-hoc calendars shared with other users
  • Management of events and display of activities by day, period of 5 days, week or month
  • Management of recurring events (every week, the first Monday of the month, etc.)
  • Double click anywhere on the calendar to add an event. Drag an event to reset date and time
  • View events in the form of a chronological list
  • Integrated with Projects, to view and schedule activities related to specific projects


Corporate and private email

It’s easy to manage all your email accounts.
It is integrated with the CRM and you can send orders and invoices directly from the management system.


  • Manage all email accounts with a single app. Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and other services through pop3 and imap
  • Separate management of various private and corporate email accounts
  • Sending documents from management such as invoices, orders, estimates, etc.
  • Repository of all documents sent via e-mails from the management system (eg invoices and orders)
  • Integration with CRM, to attach the email to the customer’s bulletin board
  • Ability to create various folders to organize emails


Messages to communicate

Keep the conversation alive with your Team. Work better with your customers and suppliers


  • Messages with individual users of the company (colleagues, agents, accountant, etc.)
  • Group messages with company users
  • Messages to collaborate and communicate with Customers connected in B2B
  • Messages with Suppliers connected in B2B
  • Sending and receiving messages also from mobile


attivita e notifiche
All your activities in one place

One place for your activities.
With the notifications you’re always updated on what happen into the management system and eternally of the eCommerce and B2B.

Activities and notifies

  • Personal and business activities
  • Display of the activities assigned in the CRM
  • A single place for all notifications. Always updated on what happen
  • Notification of B2B connection request
  • Notification of new orders from eCommerce
  • Notification of upcoming events in the calendar
  • Notification of new messages and e-mails
  • Other specific notifications to the management system


B2B integrations with customers and suppliers

Complete management of B2B flows from connections and post billing

B2B e Workplace

  • Complete management of B2B flows (connections, price lists, estimates, orders, invoices, etc.)
  • Automatic update of the data of the registry of customers or suppliers connected in B2B
  • Reserved area for the customer where to view the dedicated price list, place orders online and download documents such as invoices etc.
  • Payment methods and customizable discounts for each B2B customer
  • Product catalog and price lists automatically updated
  • Request for a quote and fast reorder function
  • Interchange and integration of estimates, orders and invoices in real time between your management and that of your customers / suppliers
  • Automatic notification of the date of delivery of the order


Visual report and detailed analysis

Riduce waste, miximize profitability, and increase the efficiency of your business
Look  inside  your  revenues

Analize the turnover in an immediate and intuitive way

  • Turnover with comparison between periods
  • Turnover for Products and Category
  • Products sold for Customer
  • Margin on sold Products
  • Commissions per Agent
  • Planning Customer visits
Check purchases and Expenses

Check purchases and corporate costs and reduce the inefficiences.

  • Total purchases with comparison between periods
  • Tunrover for Supplier
  • Detailed statistics on purchased products
Inventory under

Analize the value of stocks and maximize profitability.

  • Stocks valuation
  • Items below safaty stock and analysis of stock availability
  • Stock analysis to identify the possible realizable value
  • Inventory profit analysis
  • Historical database of stocks

Economic, Financial and Property Values.

  • Economic and Financial Situation (Budget) with forecast management
  • Revenue and Exit
  • Cashflow and cash
  • Unpaid, expiring and expired collections
  • VAT Registration and Settlement

Start to use Giobby to be more efficient and competitive

Simple and intuitive to work better

Smart functionality to make your work quick and easy
Sending e-mail and notifies

Possibility to send invoices and other documents via email in one click

Printing models

Standard models are included so you can easily customize

Import & Export

Possibility to import and export data on Excel sheets

Importa e Esporta

puoi importare ed esportare dati su fogli Excel


Possibility to attach any file to your orders, invoices, projects, etc.

Integrated with Dropbox

To import images and photos of your products, company logo

Advanced Search

You can quickly search for info and documents like in Google

Go Espresso

List of links to features related to the current page

User Forum

Where you can find info and answer to your questions

Work with your accountant

Give the access to your accountant, collaborate better and gather tips in real time.

Access to the accountant

Allow the accountant to access your account, to consult, monitor and quickly download documents from the management (sales invoices, purchase, payments, accounting movements, etc …)

Perfect collaboration

Thanks to the messages you can collaborate better and in real time with your accountant directly from Giobby and ask for help in every situation.

Value-added tips

The accountant can help you in real time by checking the progress of the activity, analyzing costs, evaluating stocks and discovering inefficiencies and providing suggestions.

Discover the online accountant

Are you looking for an accountant with experience in Giobby? Search him in the B2B community or in the list of qualified services provided by third parties 

Do you want to try Giobby?

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